My Dog is on a National TV Commercial


Ozzie is super famous, did you know? Yup, MY DOG IS FAMOUS! Rags to riches. Formerly a foster dog from South Carolina, my adopted Black Lab mix made it into the brand new national BarkBox TV commercial, which just went live!


See 00:07 – 00:09 for his two-seconds of fame. Ozzie will sign autographs per request, and is available for guest appearances on all major talk shows.

PS: Want to help my organization Foster Dogs NYC while ordering your pup their own BarkBox? Click this link to apply our discount code, which will donate $15 every time the FDNYBBX1 code is used.

Dog Matchmaking Event: Great Idea

“It’s like a speed dating game, but the matches will pair a person up with a new best friend.” This particular event will involve Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and Pooch Hotel, and will take place in Norwalk CT. I might need to borrow this idea for an event of my own someday. Such a fun and appealing way to meet a new adoptable dog!

Photo Credit: Pooch Hotel in Norwalk, Conn.

Photo Credit: Pooch Hotel in Norwalk, Conn.

More info about the 4/26/14 event here.

This photo is everything. #RoyalFamily


If you had any doubts that the royal family was perfect, this photo might put those to rest.

“There were a number of reports indicating that Kate and William’s cocker spaniel had been kicked to the curb after George’s birth. But not only has the dog been included in this portrait, he’s basically the focal point, positioned aside George in front. Lupo’s quote for public appearances just went up by, like, 400 percent.”

Read the full article here on Vanity Fair

Image credit: Jason Bell / Camera Press via Getty Images

Incredible Footage: The Lion Whisperer


Until now, I was unaware of Kevin Richardson and his work. But today, I watched his new GoPro video that’s roaring through the internet and simply was in awe. My friend shared this video to his Facebook page, and I intended to watch the first minute, just out of curiosity. 14 minutes later, when the video ended, I was ready to donate my life savings to preserving African wildlife habitats.


While I wish there was more I can do, this little bit of sharing will help show people what beauty is in the world and how perfect these magnificent creatures are. Learn more and donate here.


Brand Spankin’ New Promo Video

The Dog Matchmaker Promo from TheDog Matchmaker on Vimeo.

I’m so excited to debut my NEW promotional video for The Dog Matchmaker – please watch! I’d like to thank my sister Amalyah and friend Amir Norman for their help in making this happen. I also want to send a big shoutout to Sean Casey Animal Rescue (find them on Facebook) for loaning us their pups for a couple hours. The dogs were showered with love and treats, and we hope that EACH one gets adopted soon.
DOGGIE STARS of the shoot (in order):

  • Toby: male 5 month old Cocker Spaniel
  • VERY pregnant 2 year old Pit mix (needs foster!!)
  • Arizona: 11 month old female white pit mix
  • Buffy: female Schipperke puppy
  • Jelly: male German Shepherd mix puppy with neurological disorder

dog matchmaker black pit bull