Why Choose The Dog Matchmaker?

Finding a dog through The Dog Matchmaker means finding a dog through TLC, devotion, and canine experience. Sarah has volunteered at numerous shelters over the years, and was a member of Therapy Dogs International for two years with her certified rescue dog Simba.

Your new dog will be chosen based on specific criteria, the most crucial being how well he or she fits in with your family’s lifestyle. Through tutoring, community leadership, and schoolteaching, Sarah has experience working with children, who might either be nervous about a new pet in the household. Sarah can also offer guidance for helping a child respect their new dog. Since there are no guarantees when bringing an animal into your home, Sarah’s expertise in dog ownership will help to “weed out” adoptable dogs that are not appropriate for your home situation to get the closest-to-perfect match she can find!

Sarah has years of experience working with respected rescue groups and shelters all over the country, and can find the best adoptable dog for you!

Email: thedogmatchmaker [at] gmail.com

Website: www.thedogmatchmaker.org


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