Amalyah Meets Her Perfect Match!

Amalyah saw a sad photo of a shelter dog on FosterDogsNYC’s facebook page.

Rescuzilla needed an urgent foster home for this unnamed little “throwaway mom.” With Sarah’s help, Amalyah had the sad shelter doggie in her apartment within a few days! Lady Lorna Doone (or as Amalyah calls her, “Lady mushmush”) is a doll. It was love at first site. With the help of her roommate Rachel, Amalyah found Lady a potential adopter. Amalyah knew she could not keep Lady forever due to her living situation and college demands.

One month later, after a failed trial adoption and another temporary foster home, Amalyah took the leap and decided to ADOPT Lady! She couldn’t be happier with her new dog. According to Amalyah, Lady is perfect. And I agree. After caring for her myself, I discovered that this dog is good with all dogs, all kids, and pretty much everybody – she even is playful with cats! Lady is a wonderful little girl and is about to embark on a very glorious life at a Manhattanite.