Matching People to Dogs

The Dog Matchmaker™ Uses Traditional Matchmaking Strategies to Help People Adopt Shelter Dogs in NYC

By Amber Brooks, Contributing Editor for


Whether you’re a young couple looking for an energetic fur baby to spoil or a retiree looking for a reliable dog to snuggle with on the couch, the Dog Matchmaker tailors her match recommendations so adopters find a compatible pup to take home.

Adopting a dog is like dating — you never know who you’re going to fall for. You can have your ideal checklist of age, weight, and looks, but in the end, the personality of your dog (or your date) is what melts your heart and makes you want to take that cutie home.

Whether you’re looking for a coach potato or a running buddy, Sarah can connect you with a dog that’s pawsitively perfect for you.

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The Dog Matchmaker: One of NYC’s Coolest Jobs

Lifestyle site Thrillist decided to feature thirteen people in NYC and to share how you, too, can have a cool job like them! The Dog Matchmaker is one of these featured “cool” people (including a mention of Foster Dogs), which was quite a fabulous honor.

“My advice to anyone who wants a job in animal rescue is to get involved in your local animal shelters and/or private rescue groups. There are typically many volunteer opportunities, sometimes behind-the-scenes. Start learning about what your local shelters need from their volunteers, and you might learn that you have a passion for pet photography, or want to work on pro bono website design. To work on dog rescue as a full-time job, don’t expect to become rich. But you’ll certainly be rich in joy and fulfillment, that’s a sure thing!”

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Feature on Cereal Entrepreneur

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Photo: Boprey Photography

Originally featured on Cereal EntrepreneurSince her teens when she started volunteering at her local shelter, Sarah Brasky has made it her mission to rescue dogs and find them perfect homes. She is The Dog Matchmaker (@thedogmatchmaker). For those seeking to adopt, knowing the right breed or mix, age, personality, and expectations can be an overwhelming experience, so the idea of The Dog Matchmaker is to ease and improve the adoption search. For Sarah, each success story means another dog’s life saved, and another happy family.


Q: How the idea for your business was born:

A: I started my nonprofit organization Foster Dogs Inc. in 2009, but I continued receiving requests for one-on-one help in getting a dog. Once I started The Dog Matchmaker in 2011, word spread like wildfire about this innovative social-good service.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

A: One thing that surprised me about being an entrepreneur was the never-ceasing desire to continue what I started. Yes, many people have ideas. And then those ideas might become a reality. But I feel a great sense of pride in continuing my idea, for many years and seeing it grow to a nationally recognized effort. I’ve received notes from people in Canada, Egypt, Japan, and all over the US asking if I can perform my dog matchmaker work there! If I could match people and dogs everywhere around the world, now that would be a fabulous job!

Q: Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs?

A: Don’t give up when “the going gets tough.” Sure, there is merit to knowing when something is not working and when to close up shop. But that’s where friends and family can really come in handy, helping you stay level-headed about your achievements. I have days when I say to myself, “This is the best job; I love my adoption success stories!” And there are other days when I feel that I am not making enough of a difference, and that I should just stop and save myself the stress. Remember, your work is the sum of its parts. Not every day will be amazing, but if you can look back at your year and say, “I did something really incredible,” then you’re doing it right.

Meet The Matchmaker That Specializes In Finding People Furry Companions



Thanks to for this featured video and article. If this helps at least one more dog find a home, then I’ve done my job.


In the search for love, finding a perfect match can be a fairly daunting task – from personality to appearance and beyond, there’s an endless list of things to consider. When she grew tired of coming home to an empty house, Jean Ende of Brooklyn, NY, decided to start searching for a companion online. “It just was incredibly complicated, there were too many. And they were too old, too young, and too big,” said Ende.

For Shiran Arberman, also from Brooklyn, finding someone to fit her’s and her son’s active lifestyles was important, but viewing potential matches online was not what she hoped. “To be honest you cannot see personality through a picture,” Arberman explained. So both women turned to the services of matchmaker Sarah Brasky.

But Brasky is not your typical matchmaker – instead of helping people find romance, she specializes in finding canine companionship.

“With so many dogs out there in animal shelters,” said Brasky, “it’s important that more people consider adopting rather than buying from a pet store or breeder.”

Through her services, Brasky helped both women find their perfect furry companions. For Arberman and her son it was an 8-month-old hound mix rescue named Max, and Ende found her perfect pup in a 2-year-old Westie she calls Josie.

To find your own perfect canine companion, check out The Dog Matchmaker’s site and please SHARE with your friends and family.

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My Dog is on a National TV Commercial


Ozzie is super famous, did you know? Yup, MY DOG IS FAMOUS! Rags to riches. Formerly a foster dog from South Carolina, my adopted Black Lab mix made it into the brand new national BarkBox TV commercial, which just went live!


See 00:07 – 00:09 for his two-seconds of fame. Ozzie will sign autographs per request, and is available for guest appearances on all major talk shows.

PS: Want to help my organization Foster Dogs NYC while ordering your pup their own BarkBox? Click this link to apply our discount code, which will donate $15 every time the FDNYBBX1 code is used.

Dog Matchmaking Event: Great Idea

“It’s like a speed dating game, but the matches will pair a person up with a new best friend.” This particular event will involve Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and Pooch Hotel, and will take place in Norwalk CT. I might need to borrow this idea for an event of my own someday. Such a fun and appealing way to meet a new adoptable dog!

Photo Credit: Pooch Hotel in Norwalk, Conn.

Photo Credit: Pooch Hotel in Norwalk, Conn.

More info about the 4/26/14 event here.

This photo is everything. #RoyalFamily


If you had any doubts that the royal family was perfect, this photo might put those to rest.

“There were a number of reports indicating that Kate and William’s cocker spaniel had been kicked to the curb after George’s birth. But not only has the dog been included in this portrait, he’s basically the focal point, positioned aside George in front. Lupo’s quote for public appearances just went up by, like, 400 percent.”

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Image credit: Jason Bell / Camera Press via Getty Images